Synergistic approach to innovative wear control, welding and finishing technology

We are your trusted partner for the maintenance of rotating and reciprocating equirements for the past decades.

We are synonymous with quality and on-time delivery, offering solutions to problems encountered in aggressive working environment. 

Let us keep your valuable equipments working longer and harder by extending their service life and maximising the mean-time before failure.

You have access to our 24/7 facility and it's unique range of specialized surfacing processes and technolgies. 

We are just a phone call away. Drop us a call, Whatsapp msg or an email. You will be glad you did cos we have just the solution for your needs!

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When you need a reliable partner that knows your industry and to get your equipment running again, you can count on us to repair your components on time and meet your expectation.

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Let us share with you our vast experience of re-engineering your equipment to increase their efficiency and mean-life before failure by reconfiguring, reorganizing, redefining or rethinking how to make them work harder for you and never compromising on safety.

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When the lead time is long or it may no longer be in production, you may want to consider replicating it. 
With the help of reverse engineering, we can try to duplicate something that can solve your needs. 

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We are in the repair business for so many decades. Show us your scrapyard and let’s explore the possibility of making some of them productive again.

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